I got good news for those of you who have purchased ZCash cloud mining hashrate in the past from Genesis Mining. The newest update increased the mining hashrate by 25%, which means that from now on, you will get more H/s for the same money.
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That being said, ZCash hashrate is still on sale and newcomers can still purchase three different kinds of packages, which we will review in a minute. The only thing to keep in mind with this is that new contracts will not start immediately. Those, who haven’t purchase their ZCash mining package by now will be able to start the operations.

This delay is due to the new crypto currency launch strategy. ZCash has a programmed slow start, and will increase block reward gradually in the next weeks. It was launched in October 28th with a nominal reward per block of $0 USD. The reward then started to climb up, and it has been planned to achieve the 12.5 ZEC.

Many miners are interested on this new crypto currency because the expected reward is 250,000 ZEC for every month of mining. Also, according to some reports, new Radeon GPUs handle ZCash better and give better profits than when mining Ethereum.

Now, let’s review the ZCash hashrate options. As you might remember, some days ago you could choose among three different ZCash cloud mining packages: 0.6 H/s, 6 H/s and 60 H/s. The price was $29 USD, $280 USD and $2600 USD, respectively.

The newest update hasn’t changed the prices, yet it has hugely improved the hashrate you get with the packages. Now, for the same money, you get 0.75 H/s, 7.5 H/s and 75 H/s for the respective sum of money. This is a huge improvement, which you can take advantage of right now.

To make things even better, you can get an additional 3% discount on top of that by applying this coupon code: IaFPpt

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